Las Vegas Activities: Learning from Childhood to Adulthood

Las Vegas offers an impressive array of educational resources for everyone from young children to adult learners. The Clark County School District is the fifth largest in the United States, with learning experiences not to be missed. In addition, Las Vegas education includes a collection of private schools, community colleges and major universities to help enrich your life and the lives of your family members. With world-renowned educators and second-to-none facilities, you’ll find Las Vegas info on some of the best schools this country has to offer.

Las Vegas Education: Award-winning Schools Abound

Your online Las Vegas guide features everything you need to know to make Las Vegas education activities work for you. Discover what documents are needed to enroll your child in school. Connect with resource professionals that can offer guidance and suggestions for getting the most out of your learning experiences. And find out what organizations and associations exist that can help you stay informed and involved every step of the way. The climate, academics and participation aspects of the Las Vegas education activities are ripe for your particular needs. Simply reach out and discover everything that Las Vegas has to offer young and adult learners.  

Before/After School Programs »

Promoting health, safety, and further learning, the Las Vegas area contains more than a few different before and after school programs. Depending on your family’s schedule, one of these programs may be right for your child.

Business and Community Involvement »

This programinvolves local businesses and public and private groups. The program began in 1983 as a pilot program of seven schools partnered with seven businesses. Since that time, it has grown to hundreds of partnerships with programs that range from kindergarten to 12th grade, from tutorial...

Charter Schools »

These schools have the potential to facilitate education reforms and develop new and creative teaching methods for the benefit of all children with different or unique learning styles.

Clark County School District »

In order to prepare students and parents for success, CCSD provides detailed curriculum overviews for elementary grades K-2; elementary grades 3-5; middle school grades 6-8; and high school grades 9-12.

Higher Education »

Higher education institutions abound in the Las Vegas area, including two-year, four-year and business training schools to assist every type of student.

Home and Private Schools »

Even though CCSD offers a top-notch education, some parents still choose to enroll their students in private or home schools. As a certainly viable option, you may choose this for your child. There are many benefits listed below. If you don’t know that much about private or home schooling, then...

Libraries »

The Las Vegas area holds four full-class libraries, with complete access to the resources of the area and the world. They each offer different programs for young people and adults, alike. Read further to learn more!

Select Schools »

Select Schools Programs offer coursework associated with a variety of pathways leading to both careers and opportunities for higher education, such as aerospace and aviation, information technologies, performing and fine arts, communications, law preparatory, health services, travel and tourism...

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Vocational Schools »

Vocational, trade or technical schools offer students the opportunity to pursue a certificate or a two-year degree for a position in a particular field of employment, such as health sciences, accounting, IT, culinary arts and hospitality.